Our Pledge of Sustainability

For Lyco, sustainability is choosing, recycling and reusing materials to protect the environment and reduce the consumption of valuable natural resources. We utilize recyclable materials and environmentally friendly products wherever possible. Through our unique remanufacturing process, we can give Grade A used furniture a second life – passing savings onto our customers as well as helping reduce waste in landfills.

For over 40 years, Lyco has been on the forefront of promoting sustainability with products and services we provide.

Our Services

Repurposed. Recycled. Environmentally Conscious.

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Earth-friendly solutions

To lessen our environmental impact, Lyco Workspace Solutions utilizes recyclable fabrics for upholstered items, and water-based paint and stains for furniture remanufacturing and touchups. This has allowed us to streamline our furniture processes to create clean environments, both inside our facility and outside to our clients.