Remanufactured Office Furniture

Giving Furniture a Second Life

In the process of remanufacturing, we take liquidated, pre-owned furniture of Grade A quality – brands like Steelcase and Herman Miller – and completely disassemble and rebuild it to our customer’s specifications. This allows full control of the look and configuration of every piece, including panel heights, storage, and upholstery. Everything you touch is newly added – such as fabric, paint, and laminate.

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Take full control of your workstation design, finishes, and floor plan.

Grade A furniture is made to last a very long time. They are durable and reconfigurable as companies change. The cost of new Grade A furniture can often be prohibitive, but with remanufacturing, you can have the benefit of this quality without the big price tag. Consider it a “hybrid” – all designed, remanufactured, delivered, and installed less expensively and quicker than a new furniture dealership.

Laminates, Paints & Fabrics

Lyco offers an extensive array of choices for remanufactured furniture. With many paint colors, laminate styles, and fabric types to choose from, your customized furniture is guaranteed to fit the style of your office. 

Download our swatch card below for an updated list of finishes available. Physical samples are available upon request.

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Remanufactured office furniture offers significant benefits

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Lyco Workspace Solutions offers everything you would expect from a full service contract furniture dealership, while also handling all aspects of your workspaces and floor plans.

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