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Lyco Workspace Solutions offers a variety of quality furniture lines to fit every budget.

High quality brand name furniture

Lyco Worskspace Solutions can help completely furnish your office space. We can help you with conference room, executive, reception, and cafeteria furniture. We can also provide desks, seating, filing cabinets and much more.

See some of our top brands are below – however we offer many more.

Our Complete Office Catalog

Lyco is proud to be a premiere COE dealership. We offer the complete catalog of all furnishings your office may need. From laminate desks and task seating to conference room and reception furniture, COE’s catalog has it all.

Sit-Stand Desks

Sit-stand desks promote health by encouraging dynamic movement throughout the workday. They reduce sedentary behavior, improve posture and may alleviate back pain, fostering overall well being.

Task Seating

Selecting the right task chair is crucial for well-being, promotes good posture and boosts overall productivity and job satisfaction. We have many nice affordable options.

Reception / Hospitality & Restaurant

Lyco has furniture lines for corporate, healthcare, educational and hospitality workspaces.

Floor to Ceiling

Nxt Wall Systems offers custom built solid wall or glass floor to ceiling architectural and demountable wall systems for new construction or renovations.

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Lyco is strategically located in central Connecticut to service our customers throughout eastern United States and their partners nationwide. 

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